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Here you will find all of the services I offer, these vary from software fixes to hardware fixes and include installing new hardware such as upgrading a computer or setting up a mesh extender network

Services I Offer

Wifi and Servers

I can diagnose and fix faulty connections in your home. Examples of this include installing an extender to get maximum coverage in your house. I can set up your home Server or backup  over wifi or LAN.

Parental Controls / Screen Time

Need help with locking certain websites from being accessed or stopping a phone or apps being used at a certain time? 

Windows diagnostics

I can fix windows Driver issues, or windows BSOD (blue screen of death). I can recover corrupted operating systems and recover data / remove viruses from your system.

Network Protection

I Can install a physical firewall on your network or advise about some virtual solutions such as using VPNs to protect your information.

Console Repairs

I can diagnose and fix issues with consoles such as failed hard drives, overheating and many more errors including broken storage drives

Device Repair

I can fix phones from most manufacturers, these include Samsung, Apple and Huawei. I can replace screens, batteries and much more...

Mobile Phone Software

I can diagnose and fix phone software issues, such as your phone getting stuck in a boot loop or respring loop, I can Re-Flash the stock android ROM on your phone, or if compatible, flash a custom rom like Pixel Experience or Linage OS. I can also help with errors while restoring a phone such as the generic restore error in finder

PC hardware upgrades

I have experience in upgrading the CPU, Ram or migrating data from a hard drive (HDD)  to a Solid State Drive (SSD). The latter can really speed up an old laptop. 

Mac OS diagnostics

I have recovered many MacBooks from the kernel panic or "your Mac needs to reboot to continue" screen, in which even rebooting does nothing. Or the "Sad file"  error.

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