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Hi! My name is Josh and I live in Wimbledon. I have loved technology since I was six, when I was given an old iPhone 3G. I am 19, studied Computer Science for both GCSE and A-Levels and I am currently doing a Computer Science ( BsC) at UWE Bristol.

About Josh

Our Services

Services I provide

Below are the most popular services I offer.

Wifi and Servers

I can diagnose and fix faulty connections in your home. Examples of this include installing an extender to get maximum coverage in your house. I can set up your home Server or backup over wifi or LAN.

Parental Controls / Screen Time

Need help with locking certain websites from being accessed or stopping a phone/apps being used at a certain time? 

Device Repair

I can fix phones from most manufacturers, these include Samsung, Apple and Huawei. I can replace screens, batteries and much more...

Network Protection

I can install a physical firewall on your network or advise about some virtual solutions such as using VPNs to protect your information.

Console Repairs

I can diagnose and fix issues with consoles such as failed hard drives, overheating and many more errors including broken storage drives



Josh has helped me out three times now – all different problems, all happily, quickly, efficiently (and cheaply!) resolved with added value (there is nothing Josh doesn’t know about tech). He’s sorted out maximising wifi in the house, advised me on setting up a projector that I’d bought the wrong lead for (doh) and urgently rescued my website which had become corrupted and fell over (just as Corona Lockdown hit).  Josh just gets to the solution – he usually knows what it is without much diagnosing and quickly sorts it out. I’ve had to force money on him in the past, so value is assured. Highly recommended for a multitude of issues and happy to provide a direct reference if useful.



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